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Established in 1975

ZARUBEZHENERGOSTROY is considered to be one of the oldest Russian energy companies, successfully operating over 44 years at the market.

We are proud to state, that using the accumulated rich experience of Russian power engineers in the construction and operation of energy facilities and accumulating the entire research and production potential of the energy and engineering industries, since 1975 the company ZARUBEZHENERGOSTROY had constructed more than 240 power production facilities with a total capacity of about 40 million kW, established more than 23.000 km of power lines and built 16 thousand MVA of transformer sub-stations from 0,4 to 750 kV in more than 30 countries around the world, such as India, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Mongolia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Vietnam and many others.

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The oldest Russian energy company

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Innumerous research and production potential

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Operating world wide since 1975

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Potapovskiy pereulok 5, stroenie 3, Moscow 101000, Russian Federation

+7 (495) 621-50-35 (multichannel)